Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Now I Know How To Make Telekung

I've been wanting to learn on how to sew a proper telekung.. I sewn 2 for my daughters before, based on the one I already had but when it came to the face part it didn't turn out the way I wanted.. And my daughters also claim a bit uncomfortable to wear...

Alhamdulillah, last Saturday, I managed to learn it together with my other friends. So this is the result
The Face Part 
The 'kekek' part you can actually put it on or under 'awning'.. But I guess if you're putting some lace on it it look better if 'kekek' part under the 'awning'.

Inner Part
For this telekung, I also 'attached' the inner part so it's not that 'see thru'. Actually the material provided is not really 'enough' for the whole telekung, but enough for us to learn how to make our own telekung.. At first, I wanted to add a few inches below the telekung to make it longer and enough to cover what's need to cover (heheheh) but when my eldest daughter saw it, she quickly claimed ownership... Need to alter the face part to fit hers and put some simple embroidery as well... So next step, to find good material for my own telekung...hehehhe

Love & Regards

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sling Bag From Recycled Jeans

After few days or is it few weeks or months (?), since the last time Fasha request for a sling bag, finally I managed to make one for her.... Made from her ayah's old jeans, embroidered with Ana Muslim design, her name and some decorative stitchings, really made her smile ear to ear...

Front & Back
Actually the Ana Muslim part shud be in front instead of at the back. At first when I told her I'm going to make her zippered closure, she was fine with it.... Until much later, well last night actually (well after some times of postponing) she then later said she wanted it with flap instead, together with question and remarks "Mama, lambat lagi yea nak siapkan sling bag kakak? Berapa lama lagi mama? Besok? Minggu depan? bulan depan? ke 2 bulan lagi? Takpelah mama, kakak tahu mama sibuk, kakak paham, nanti bila mama dah x sibuk mama bolehla siapkan kakak punya pulak, ok..? " ... Errrkkkk... I'm stunned... So promised to myself, gonna finished it up by next day (which is today)... So last night prepared everything, got to realise I won't be able to put Ana Muslim in front, and it won't fit to put it on flap, and since it was already 'late' I was lazy to embroider another smaller one, so I decided just to go on with it... Woke up early this morning, finished it up, handed it to her...

Love & Regards

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Boxy Pencil Case & Pencil Pouch

Alhamdulillah, finally managed to do these pencil cases for a small projects... Hope the new owners are hapy to have it...

For The Boys

For The Girls

Hope to do many more, but was afraid unable to do it by due date.. So next time should prepare myself much earlier....

Love & Regards

Friday, December 2, 2011

Telekung Bag & Personalised Pencil Pouch

Alhamdulillah, I managed to finish these two last 2 days.... It's for my kids school transport driver and her youngest daughter who's going to start her pre school next year... She was so happy and she actually order another one for her other daughter....

ReversibleTelekung Bag with Simple Embroidery

Pencil Pouch for Youngest Daughter

Love & Regards

Monday, November 21, 2011

Embroided Small Pouch

Schools holiday's finally here. So first of all, I would like to thanks all the teachers that had taught my precious daughters, Fasha & Filza... So as a token of appreciation, I made a small pouch with some embroidery motifs on it for each of the teahcers... Really hope they love it..

First batch - The One Side

The Embroided Side
2nd Batch

For 3 More Teachers

There si 3rd batch for the pouches but haven't done the editing yet... Will upload here once they're ready...
Anyway, it also open for ordering... DO let me know ir you're interested...TQ

Love & Regards

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beep..beep.... Oh..Oh... It's A Bib Time..

Hi there,
How was your Aidil Adha? Praying that all our sacrifices no matter in what are fully blessed by Allah. And hoping that Allah gives us easier way throughout our lives to be a perfect muslim/muslimah...

So, what's the new project? Done this piece last last week but since my husband's using my camera, so had a bit of delayed in uploading this piece...

Handmade Baby Bib With Embroidery Motif
It's my handmade baby bib with embroidery motifs of course... Get your baby bib and get it personalised as well.. It can be your baby'sname, initial or anything you like.. Also perfect for a baby shower gifts. So what are you waiting for, order yours today....

Love & Regards

Friday, November 4, 2011

Selamat Hari Ray AidilAdha

 Salam to all,
Just wanna wish all of her Hari Raya AidilAdha... May all the sacrifices we've made throughout our lives have been blessed by Allah....

Have few WIP. Most of them are about baby products.. Currently unable to update since my hubby borrowed my'uh... Will upload ASAP... Keep coming here ok....

Love & Regards

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fasha's Storage Box

Been wanting to make this sometimes back. As the first 2Fs grow up, there's few things they know would only belongs to them and no sharing, and that includes the undies... Usually I just put them in one place but side by side, and they know which one belongs to them (even sometimes I myself don't know whose's who). But sometimes the younger one just took what not hers, well what do you expect from a 3-4year old (then) kid, so the elder got mad, therefore demanded a separate place for her undies.. SO after a 'long' wait, so finally it's here...

Fabric selected by her

The other side

She also chose this embroidery design
Hopefully she loves this box. (Actually this morning I showed her the almost finished box, got excited couldn't stop herself from giving a big smile). And oh, I need to make another 2 boxes for the other 2Fs as well, otherwise they will be asking where theirs...

Love & Regards

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Barut Design & A Tote

I know lately I haven't updated my blog regularly.... Been occupied with some other things... Anyhow, just finished with new barut for customer, the polkadot, and embroided tote.

New barut pattern, the polkadot among the regulars

The usual plain one

A new tote with embroidery, a request from customer, materials are from plain dark brown and white multicolor LV pattern HC. Really hope she'll like it..

A simple tote with embroidery design
The close up

The inside,LV multicolor  HC
I welcome any orders, soon I'll be taking orders for kerawang as well... now in the midst of compiling all the designs.

Love & Regards

Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby's Play Mat & Companion Pillow

It's been quite a while since my last update. This was due to several reasons... The first one is because my husband was using the netbook and he took my camera with him. The second main reason, I'm still 'practising' with my new machine.

After this I don't have to take turns with my husband to use the netbook since I just bought a new desktop, well at least for a while  (but maybe have to take turns with 3Fs...sigh)..

Anyway, this is my first ever baby play mat...Never did any quilting or any parts of quilting techniques before, so 'main hentam sajalah' esp the binding part... so I must say need lots, lots of practising..

The front, with 4 simple embroidery motifs

The backing...
Then there is a companion pillow...This is just the cover with the innard yet... It shud have separate cover and innard so it's easy for cleaning..

Sorry forget to turn the picture
Tell me what you think, and yes I do take orders for those....

Love & Regards

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Experimenting With My NV4000

For the past few days, I've done some 'embroidery experiments' with my NV4000. Still new and still getting used to it... Tried some embroderies on small towels too, nasib baik stok towel kecik banyak... so habis penuh satu towel dengan sulaman.. Nasib baik saya joined few groups where all the members are kind enough to share with me the tips and tricks in embroidering.. Also tried to do name embroideries on shirts, so once again, my hubby's old t-shirts became the victims...

Last Monday night, I managed to make full use of the machine, embroidering as well as sewing (the machine has both functions)... Masa nak guna the sewing part, memang terkial-kial habis, macam orang first time handle sewing machine.. Apa taknya, before this, my 3Ss is 'medium fashioned' sewing machine, what I mean is not computerised... So with this one I can say, everything is at the touch of a button, so rasa weird lak.. Anyway, finally I managed to finish this pouch for my GMJ Craft Swap project at about 2:30am. Hope my partner will like it la...
Guna simple embroidery

The inside (takde embroidery pun, hehhe)
La ni makin bersemangat to produce more. have few projects listed already, and today I really hope I managed to finish at least 1 or 2 projects... till then....

Love & Regards

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dimanakah Pelukan Mu Wahai Ibu? Aku Kesejukan Di Sini...

I'm speechless.... Terasa tak sanggup untuk melihatnya... Seorang bayi kecil yang terlalu suci dari noda dan dosa diperlakukan sedemikan... Dimanakah salahnya?...Dimanakah silapnya?... Apakah dosanya?

Ya Allah, apakah yg berlaku di dunia akhir zaman ini? Bila manusia hanya mementingkan keseronokan semata-mata, bila dah tercantum benih, barulah rasa malu berhadapan masyarakat, sedangkan masa seronok tu, tak pernah ingat pun larangan Allah, malu terhadap sesama manusia lebih tinggi dari malu terhadap Allah, menjadikan hati2 kita buta dari menilai mana yang betul dan salah.

Salah siapakah? Adakah salah mereka semata-mata? Salah ibu bapa yang kekadang terlalu sibuk dengan urusan masing-masing? Salah masyarakat yang hanya tahu menuding jari dan mencebik? Salah media massa yang semakin galak menayangkan aksi-aksi yang panas dan menarik? Salah pihak berwajib yang tidak memantau kemasukan anasir-anasir negatif? Atau sikap kita yang terlalu menyanjung era 'up to date'? Atau?.....

Semoga kita semua dijauhkan dari perlakuan dan perangai yang sedemikian..

The link... kat sini ...

Love & Regards

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Brother For My 3Ss

Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful to Allah for giving this 'chance' to finally own it.. A 'Brother' for my 3Ss, (my Singer sewing machines)

The Chronology

Actually I've been drooling over this ( and still do, mind you)

or at least this
but the price is far unreacheable, unless I made a loan for it. But with all the paperworks and with zero experience, I was thinking it was quite impossible to get it approved.

Then, somebody told me about the MerdekaRaya promotion from Brother offering 50% discount for this machine
I got all excited.. I was thinking, why dun I start from 'small' one first then once I got the experience in embroidering and how to market, then it would be much easier for me to buy the one I've been drooling over or at least get a loan for it.

But when I browsed thru its specification, I realizes it 'working area' is too small, so it would be quite inconvenient if I want to do 'kerawang' on 'baju kurung' as I have to do a lot of hooping and rehooping.

Then I got the recommendation to buy this one instead
It was better although the price is not...huhuhu.. And again my hand got all 'itchy', to check it specification and compared it with this machine
So when I went to the outlet, I asked for the demo for the 2 models, but since NV750e wasn't available at the time, so only manage to see the second model... Again my mind was 'poisoned' with it features so I decided to take NV1500, but told the salesperson I need to think about it first and discussed it with my husband...

The decision made, and just almost we got there, my husband turned to me and asked me why didn't I take the machine that was situated at the lower 'rack', the screen is wider and coloured... which is this one
 Told him about  the price, and he said it's up to me... Adesss... during the negotiation of the price for NV1500, my husband asked the 'best deal' for NV4000 and the payment scheme without interest, and asked for the demo.. I asked about the main features about this machine has compared to the previous one, and these features actually helped me to choose this one, finally (actually, he also offered the best price for PR1000, but with heavy heart had to decline...huhuhu)
- it has memory back up, so in case the power was cut off during embroidering, I still can continue once the power backed in.
- it has USB slot for pendrive apart from direct cable slot... Since I'm sharing the lappie with my husband, so it's quite inconvenient if at the same time my husband needed to use it as well. And we did plan to buy desktop but again, I can't possibly move my machine everytime I need to use it.
- and of coz few other features....

Anyhow I really wish I can utilise this machine to the maximum,and generate more income from it. So if any of you interested to have some embroidery service, do let me know ok....hehehhe

Love & Regards

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bila Boleh Habis Ni?

Disebabkan keboringan masa raya kat Muar hari tu, suami pun busy dengan aktiviti bertukang rumah pusakanya, dan berserta 'green light' dari dia untuk pergi kemana saja (tapi kena drive sendiri), saya telah berjaya sampai ke satu kedai yg di'canang'kan oleh rakan2 menjahit yang lain, yg menjual benang secara bundle... So inilah hasilnya....
Agak-agak, bila boleh habis semua benang ni?
Yang dalam gulung besar tu, satu bundle hanyalah RM15, ada lebih dari 100 gulung benang, walaupun ada benang yg banyak, ada yang sikit (tapi lebih panjang dari gulungan yg kecik tu), tapi puas hati sebab ada banyak dan dalam pelbagai warna. Yang gulungan kecik tu, gulungan ni ada cukup panjang meternya, dijual dgn harga RM35 sebundle, juga pelbagai kaler, ada dekat 100 gulungan... Yang berdiri elok berbaris tu lak adalah benang jahit tepi,kira ikut timbang kilo, dan dalam bekas tu adalah butang.... Tu pun x ambik zip sekali, dok angkat letak, angkat letak, last-last terus lupa...Emm...agak-agak, bila boleh habis benang tu semua yek?

Love & Regards

Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Minutes Project But It Took Almost 6 Years To Do It!!

My sister in law gave a mini bolster to my eldest daughter (Fasha) when she was around 1 year old, with no cover... and it stayed 'coverless' until before we were ready to go back to my husband's hometown for raya the other day... Everything was ready, then one glanced at the bolster, I felt soo guilty....Bantal peluk tu xdelah guna sgt, mostly buat main jer... Tapi since bantal peluk kecik yg lagi satu dah di'claim' hakmilik oleh si kecik (Faiqa), so kiranya dah xdelah special bantal  untuk dia... So while waiting for my husband to load the 'barang' into the car, I managed to sew a cover for the bolster, which took me less than 10minutes, but it took me 6 years to do it...huhuhu...shame on me...
Now it's covered

Anyhow, I'm glad that she loves it, and since it's longer than her previous bolster, she can use it as pillow and still long enuff for her to cuddle it...hehhehe

Love & Regards

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Salam Aidil Fitri Buat Semua

Assalamualaikum semua,
  Alhamdulillah, Allah panjangkan umur kita semua untuk menunaikan ibadah puasa tahun ini, dan bersama bergembira untuk menyambut kemenangan ini di bulan Syawal... Tapi apapun, tanggungjawap kita sebagai hamba Allah tetap perlu diteruskan, dan bertambah baik drpd bulan Ramadan yg lepas...

  Dah lama saya x update blog, kerana ada 1 peristiwa yg telah berlaku di bulan Ramadan yg lalu... kami diduga Allah, bilamana rumah kami telah dimasuki orang; lappie, handphone suami dan handbag saya telah diambil orang.. Lebih mengecutkan perut, kerana pada waktu itu, kami semua tidur di tingkat bwh dan semua barangan yg diambil itu terletak bersebelahan dgn suami saya, dan kami hanya menyedari kejadian itu setelah siap bersahur... Mulanya kami tertanya2, apsal la kami blh tak terjaga disaat itu, but on the second thought, sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Penyayang.. Buatnya kami terbangun diwaktu itu,adalah berkemungkinan besar, nyawa kami didalam bahaya, kerana kami yakin mereka bersenjata... Alhamdulillah jugak kerana Allah melindungi kami dan hanya 3 barangan itu jer yg hilang... Ini juga mungkin peringatan Allah utk kami, kerana 'kelalaian' kami...

So dengan tiadanya lappie, tinggallah blog ini bersawang...hehhehe... FB pun log in guna hp, tu pun utk tgk kalau2 ada req dari customers... Ni pun belum berganti lappienya, tapi Alhamdulillah ada hamba Allah yg sudi meminjamkan netbooknya kepada kami...

   Apapun, sebelum mengundurkan diri utk post kali ni, saya harap belum cukup terlambat buat saya mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI... Maafkan segala kekurangan yg ada, kalau yg terasa hati ngan posting saya ker, atau utk customers saya terkurang layan ker, terkasar bahasa, terlambat respon ker, dan terima kasih diatas segala feedback yg positif, kata2 semangat, tips, ingatan, dan persahabatan.... Semoga kita semua akan menjadi hamba Allah yg lebih baik...

Dari kami sekeluarga

Love & Regards