Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tutorial: Make your own label

Kali ni saya nak share ilmu yang tak seberapa.. 'How To Make Your Own Label'.. Hopefully dapat dimanfaatkan..

Actually saya dah lama nak buat tutorial ni, since the first time I made my own label which was last year. But at the time my blog has yet to exist and since it was also my first time so I decided to to give it a try first, and share the 'review' later, hehehhe... Then when my blog is ready, I still got quite few labels left, so again no tutorials yet... last few weeks I was running out of label so decided to make a new 'improved' label (improved la sangat...hehehhe) and share the tutorial with the rest. But due to time constrained, again it was postponed until today!!!.. (Actually, I already done the draft since last week, tapi ada jer 'kekacauan' yang timbul, tu asyik tertangguh... sorry....)

Anyway, saya tak pernah pun lagi tempah label, ataupun beli yang dah siap.. Reason? Restrictions it has upon ordering... Meaning?... Well I mean, whenever you want to order your label, few things you need to consider:
- The price, the less amount your order, so the higher the price, to lower the price, I have to order more...
- Minimum pieces usually quite a lot, since I'm not 'producing' that lot, so I think it's a little too many for me to order hundreds of pieces.
- Restrictions in colour, design and wordings. 1 lot of order will have the same design, color and wordings...
  (Saya ni jenis yg cepat bosan jugak kalau nampak sama jer...hehhehe.. And usually for different category of my 'products' they will have different name... So kalau saya ada 2-3 kategori, jenuh la saya nak tempah banyak-banyak kan...heheheh...macam la banyak sangat hasil ku....)

So godek punya godek, so dapatla saya ilmu sikit tak banyak pasal macamana nak buat label sendiri... Senang je caranya... Yang penting, ada pc, normal inkjet printer, dan yg susah sikit adalah untuk mencari iron on paper..

Ready? Okay, here we go...

1) Using any software that you are comfortable with, you can start creating your own label... Like myself, I'm just comfortable using Microsoft Publisher.

2) Once done, you might want to print it to make sure it is the correct size you want it to be...

3) Satisfied with the outcome? MIRROR IMAGE your whole label... This is crucial step, because if you forgot to do it, then your label will come out as mirror image.. (You can do it at later stage if you want to, but make sure you DO IT!!!)

4) Duplicate your label and arrange it to maximize the space, so that you can have as many label in one A4 size. Don't limit yourself for a specific design or colors. Mine? Hahahah.. Mine is simple only, don't like too many colors, wordings and designs in 1 label... but I change the wording colours, so I can have the varieties..

5) If you haven't done the MIRROR IMAGE part, then do it now!!!!

6) Make sure you have enough ink in your printer, get your iron on paper, insert it as your printer's manual. (Mine, face down)

7) Start printing!!!.. Oppss... maybe you want to test on normal paper first, and don't make it really close to the top page, coz you might end up like mine...huhhuuh.. (Actually I did print on normal paper first, it looked ok, but turned out that the first row is too close to the edge on the iron on paper, du'uh.. So need to rearrange the label...heheehhe)

8) As I said before, I have different name for different 'product' category... So here is another example..

9) Cut it out into individual labels. If your arrange your label with some extra space in between, then you might want to cut it into a one long strip.

10) Choose the material you want to put your label onto. I used cotton tape. Make sure material is suitable for you to iron your label onto, cotton material is the best. If you want to use satin ribbon, it is advisable to use the non glossy part. Arrange the label on the chosen material, making sure you have enough space for you to 'fold' at both end.

11) Before ironing, I would like to suggest to layer another thin clothe on your label and your tape, so that the heat from the iron doesn't damage your tape and label (well usually the label should be fine, because the paper is designed to stand higher temp, but your chosen material esp satin ribbon might not).

12) Use DRY IRON!!!, If you have iron that has steam function, then make sure you turned it OFF first before start ironing your label. NO SPRAYING is allowed either!! Why? Because otherwise your ink will bleed/smear.

12) Let it to cool off before peeling the paper, then you're done...
Extra space at both short end so I can fold them

Barut having the new label

So enjoy your label making and have fun making it!!!!

Actually this paper is not only meant for label making, but you can also use it to design your own t-shirt. Custom made your t-shirt for yourself, your children and your family.  Yelah, instead of you tempah kat luar, sehelai baju boleh cecah RM20 or more, kaler pun limited, design pun limited, why don't you make it on your own....

So let me know whether this tutorial is easy to understand or not. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to let me know. I'll try to assist you as much as I can.

*** p/s: Saya mohon kerjasama anda semua yg saya sayangi dan hormati, tolong tinggalkan alamat email skali yea kalau nak saya respond esp mengenai stok iron on paper ni. Otherwise boleh juga terus email saya di Boleh juga WhatsApp saya di 0133949203 (WhatsApp ONLY). Terima kasih.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sling Bag & Sweet Tote

Kali ni nak update dua bag sekali.... Sling bag dah siap minggu lepas lagi, dan  Sweet Tote baru dapat siapkan pagi ni... Tu pun sebab pegi rumah adik, dah bawak semua peralatan tapi magnetic button terbwak side yang sama lak...

Ok cuci mata dulu...

Sling Bag Fasha

The inside view
Saiz untuk Sling bag ni lebih kurang 12"H x 12"W x 3"D.. Buatkan untuk Fasha sebab dah lama dok mintak sling bag...  Kalau ada yang berkenan boleh jer kalau nak tempah..

Yang ni plak SWEET TOTE.
The Sweet Tote

Peek what's inside looks like
Size: 12"H x 11"W x 3"D
Comes with detachable cute ribbon.
Status: Available
RM: 30

Hahahahha... kali ni beg2 ni sumer posing kat side mirror keter...hehheh... Kat snap kat dalam rumah, gamabr mcm nak bright sgt, atau terlalu bright, susah nak dapat correct lighting..hehhe... Padahal guna kamera cikai jer... ada hati nak outcome cam guna kamera pro..hehhe...

Tu pun memula nak letak la kain skit kekonon  utk prop, tapi orang yang dok lalu lalang mesti dok pikir apa kena la ngan minah ni sorang, so letak jelah kat side mirror keter... Tupun mamat Pakistan jual karpet dah baper kali pusing berenti dok tanya nak karpet ke tak....hehhe

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Away From Home, Away From Bengkel..

Hari Khamis lepas, adik SMS, tanya tak nak datang rumah dia kat Lestari Putra ke, nanti blh tgk Hot Air Balloons... dok fikir fikir jugak.. Kesian kat 3Fs ni, cuti sekolah tak pergi memana, dok terperap je kat rumah, dek ayahnya masih lagi OST.. Duduk rumah, elok kejap main sama-sama, pastu gaduh... Addusss... tu yang paling malas nak 'layan'...hhuhuu... Pastu pulak, diaorang kat rumah, asyik nak makan jer, kejap-kejap "Mama, takde makanan kerr?" Stok biskut dan kudapan, kejap jer habis...Pastu siap mintak 'makanan berat' pulak... Aduss lagi...lepas je masak makan tghr dah mintak masakkan benda lain... baru nak ber'cinta' kat bengkel tu...

Saya tak pernah drive sesorang jauh-jaih bawak anak-anak tanpa suami kat sebelah... Paling jauh pun dalam 15km, tu pun masa pindah hari tu kena angkut barang-barang dgn keter, suami bawak pajero dia angkut barang lain....Kali ni kira agak jauh jugak, dari Sg Buloh ke Lestari Puchong sana. With 'minor' car condition. Bila phone suami mintak izin, Alhamdulillah dia bagi, just jangan pergi jauh sangat...

So the trip was a success!! Ingatkan Faiqa will seep thru the journey coz she wasn't sleeping the whole day, but she was wide awake until we arrived... Alhamdulillah..

The yesterday, Friday, since my other sisters were wtill working so I decided to go to Minlon bringing along my youngest sister to help me to keep eyes on those 3Fs..

There's nothing much in Minlon/Macy, fabrics are great but have to preorder first and can only ccollect after 4 working days... So forget about it!!! Then off to Mines for luncch and to Tewah. Brought few fabrics (oouuccchh!!!) then went back... On the way home, the car temperature shot up while we stopped at traffic light.. Oh no!! The radiator's fan must have been stopped functioning. But luckily when the car's moving, the temperature gone down again and Alhamdulillah we managed to get home safely...

Today is Faiqa's birthday and also my husband's birthday. But since he still in Penang, so my sisters and I planning to bring the kids to Hot Air Ballon Festival today... Hopefully they have a great time...

Anyway, I did bring my unfinished bag project here, Yelah manalah tau kot2 boring tak tahu nak buat apa kat sini. Lagipun my sister ada portable machine satu... Tengah elok nak siapkan baru perasan dalam kekalutan kemas barang, terbawak 2 side magnetic button yang sama... So nak tak nak kena jugak tunggu balik rumah baru boleh sambung...huhuhuh

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teardrop Bag

This is my latest project. I named it 'Teardrop Bag'...(Well, actually the name has no connection with the recent sad and bad news..)

The Teardrop Bag - Front View
The base of the bag has gentle curve therefore make it a stable base.
The View From the Side
The two side panels can be tucked in or out to make it more spacious.

When Flattened - Easy for Storage
Tucked in the two side panels, pull down the base, and make it flat, easy for storage or safe keeping.
New Own Made Label
And of course with my new 'improved' own made label....

Approximate size 6" x 9" x 6".

Al Fatihah and May Allah Have Mercy on Us All

Emm...dah lama tak update blog.. Bukan takde new projek, tapi busy skit. Besides for the past 3 weeks kept receiving bad news, starting from sudden death of my aunt. Although she's been suffering from few ailments, but she's not bedridden, so it's quite a shock for us, and actually even for her children too...

Almost a week after that, while browsing thru FB, I saw 'weird' message from a friend on my ex-roomate's wall... Something like 'AlFatihah dan takziah buat.....'. At first I thought one of her family members has passed away.. So I continue browsing to see if there is other 'clue', until I came acrossed my other friend's wall post... No, it's not her family members that has passed on, but she HERSELF!!...Really can't believe the news... She passed away at 6:15am on saturday morning  5 Mar, due to breast cancer... None of us really know about it, she kept it secret from almost all of her friends...

Then, received news that shocked the whole world about earthquake and tsunami in Japan.... may Allah have mercy on us all...

Al Fatihah kepada yang dah pergi, masa kita pula bakal menyusul... Hopefully, masa kita tiba di masa kita bersedia menghadapinya, bukan dalam keadaan lalai.... Semoga Allah sentiasa membuka pintu taubatNya untuk kita dan membuka pintu hati kita untuk terus bertaubat.... Amin...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fasha's Little Wrislet

Dah nak masuk 2nd quarter of school baru nak buatkan Fasha Little Wrislet... Actually dah lama nak buatkan tapi asyik tertangguh jer.. Memula dia nak purse 'Sasha' tu, tapi saya tak nak belikan kerana 4 sebab utama: 1) Coz I dun like the 'over' sexy cartoon characters 2) Expensive 3) I know she will only excited all over it for short period of time, then she won't even remember when the last time she had it with her 4) I've planned to do it for her, tapi tula asyik tertangguh. Kain pun dia dah sesiap pilih...


The other side
Size kecik jer dalam 4" x 2.5" jer... So senang la dia nak g kantin bawak bekal dan kalau nak beli apa2... Dia ckp, kawan2 dia dok tanya mana dapat wristlet tu... Dengan bangganya dia ckp "Mama saya lah yang buat"..hehhee...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Handphone Wallet

Saya ni jenis tak suka bawak wallet/purse dan yg seangkatan dengannya kalau pergi kedai, especially kedai-kedai yang dekat dengan rumah. Tapi malas jugak kalau nak pegang segala duit, handphone, dan kunci kereta dalam tangan.. Lagipun rasa macam leceh la, nak-nak kalau anak saya yang kecik tu ikut, nak kena dukung dia lagi sambil bawak benda alah tu semua.....Ish, sumer malas, apa yang rajin?...hehehhehe..

So selalunya kalau nak pergi kedai, saya akan pakai seluar yang ada poket, so duit boleh masukkan je dalam poket beserta handphone dan kunci kereta sekali.. Kalau seluar yang ada poket kiri kanan ok la, sebab 1 poket boleh letak kunci dengan handphone, 1 lagi duit. Tapi kekadang 'tercampur' jugak. So bila nak ambik duit tu kenalah keluarkan segala reta karun kat dalam poket tu... Dan quite recently and for few times jugakla, duit saya 'gone missing'... Kalau singgit dua, ok jugakla, ni not RM50...huhuhu... Mungkin gara-gara seluk punya seluk, tak pun masa nak keluarkan kunci kereta tak perasan yang duit pun terkeluar sama, dan tercicir.... Tak pasal-pasal kena bebel ngan DH....huhuhu

So ish, tak boleh jadi ni... so perah otak camna nak create satu wallet yang tak payah nak pegang tapi boleh hold duit, handphone dengan kunci kereta sekali. Pikir punya pikir, so saya buatlah Handphone Wallet ni....

Nampak macam normal wallet jer

Kat dalam, boleh isi kad, duit note, duit syiling dan handphone
Hasilnya takdela perfect sangat, tapi bolehla untuk saya guna  buat sementara ni, sementara saya nak carik fabrik yang cun untuk buat ni.... Kat dalam ni boleh isi kad, zippered compartment untuk syiling, slot untuk duit kertas, dan tempat letak handphone...

Tempat handphone tu pulak, saya ada letak 'puller' (yg tali hitam tu). Fungsi 'puller' ni adalah untuk 'menarik' keluar handphone tu dengan mudah. Sebab kalau handphone kecik cam saya punya tu memang akan tenggelam kat dalam slot tu, so kalau letak puller tu senangla kalau nak tarik ia keluar....

Lepas ni senang la skit nak pergi kedai, dah ada wallet ni, tapi tak tahula pulak, kalau anak dara yang sorang tu balik, dia claim hak milik lagi......