Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Experimenting With My NV4000

For the past few days, I've done some 'embroidery experiments' with my NV4000. Still new and still getting used to it... Tried some embroderies on small towels too, nasib baik stok towel kecik banyak... so habis penuh satu towel dengan sulaman.. Nasib baik saya joined few groups where all the members are kind enough to share with me the tips and tricks in embroidering.. Also tried to do name embroideries on shirts, so once again, my hubby's old t-shirts became the victims...

Last Monday night, I managed to make full use of the machine, embroidering as well as sewing (the machine has both functions)... Masa nak guna the sewing part, memang terkial-kial habis, macam orang first time handle sewing machine.. Apa taknya, before this, my 3Ss is 'medium fashioned' sewing machine, what I mean is not computerised... So with this one I can say, everything is at the touch of a button, so rasa weird lak.. Anyway, finally I managed to finish this pouch for my GMJ Craft Swap project at about 2:30am. Hope my partner will like it la...
Guna simple embroidery

The inside (takde embroidery pun, hehhe)
La ni makin bersemangat to produce more. have few projects listed already, and today I really hope I managed to finish at least 1 or 2 projects... till then....

Love & Regards


  1. Salam kak··nk tanyela, kalau akak bt wallet atau beg, interfacing die akak gune kain yg mcm mn ye·· tq

  2. ABS,
    Sory lambat reply, x perasan komen kat sini... Anyway utk interfacing, akak tgk pada jenis kain jugak, kalau kain tu dah sedia tebal, akak guna i/facing yg medium weight, kalau nipis guna yg paling tebal...