Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fasha's Storage Box

Been wanting to make this sometimes back. As the first 2Fs grow up, there's few things they know would only belongs to them and no sharing, and that includes the undies... Usually I just put them in one place but side by side, and they know which one belongs to them (even sometimes I myself don't know whose's who). But sometimes the younger one just took what not hers, well what do you expect from a 3-4year old (then) kid, so the elder got mad, therefore demanded a separate place for her undies.. SO after a 'long' wait, so finally it's here...

Fabric selected by her

The other side

She also chose this embroidery design
Hopefully she loves this box. (Actually this morning I showed her the almost finished box, got excited couldn't stop herself from giving a big smile). And oh, I need to make another 2 boxes for the other 2Fs as well, otherwise they will be asking where theirs...

Love & Regards

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