Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Brother For My 3Ss

Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful to Allah for giving this 'chance' to finally own it.. A 'Brother' for my 3Ss, (my Singer sewing machines)

The Chronology

Actually I've been drooling over this ( and still do, mind you)

or at least this
but the price is far unreacheable, unless I made a loan for it. But with all the paperworks and with zero experience, I was thinking it was quite impossible to get it approved.

Then, somebody told me about the MerdekaRaya promotion from Brother offering 50% discount for this machine
I got all excited.. I was thinking, why dun I start from 'small' one first then once I got the experience in embroidering and how to market, then it would be much easier for me to buy the one I've been drooling over or at least get a loan for it.

But when I browsed thru its specification, I realizes it 'working area' is too small, so it would be quite inconvenient if I want to do 'kerawang' on 'baju kurung' as I have to do a lot of hooping and rehooping.

Then I got the recommendation to buy this one instead
It was better although the price is not...huhuhu.. And again my hand got all 'itchy', to check it specification and compared it with this machine
So when I went to the outlet, I asked for the demo for the 2 models, but since NV750e wasn't available at the time, so only manage to see the second model... Again my mind was 'poisoned' with it features so I decided to take NV1500, but told the salesperson I need to think about it first and discussed it with my husband...

The decision made, and just almost we got there, my husband turned to me and asked me why didn't I take the machine that was situated at the lower 'rack', the screen is wider and coloured... which is this one
 Told him about  the price, and he said it's up to me... Adesss... during the negotiation of the price for NV1500, my husband asked the 'best deal' for NV4000 and the payment scheme without interest, and asked for the demo.. I asked about the main features about this machine has compared to the previous one, and these features actually helped me to choose this one, finally (actually, he also offered the best price for PR1000, but with heavy heart had to decline...huhuhu)
- it has memory back up, so in case the power was cut off during embroidering, I still can continue once the power backed in.
- it has USB slot for pendrive apart from direct cable slot... Since I'm sharing the lappie with my husband, so it's quite inconvenient if at the same time my husband needed to use it as well. And we did plan to buy desktop but again, I can't possibly move my machine everytime I need to use it.
- and of coz few other features....

Anyhow I really wish I can utilise this machine to the maximum,and generate more income from it. So if any of you interested to have some embroidery service, do let me know ok....hehehhe

Love & Regards

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