Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For Little Ones

Welcoming a new member in a family? Not sure what to bring as a gift? This cute personalised embroidered towel will make a perfect gift.
For A Little Girl

For A Little Boy
There's few other choices of font also cute design.... You have the options of using your own towels or from my collections....

Love & Regards

Friday, December 14, 2012

I See Spirals

Lately ni terasa malas sesangat nak update blog, once dah tinggal, memang camtu la... Lagi satu, actually banyak my entry dok tersimpan dalam draft, apa taknya buat separuh jalan, ada je things that coming up requires my attention, so bila dah bangun dari kerusi, dah malas dah nak sambung balik... Ok since the little F is still sleeping, and 3Fs in front of TV, so might as well update a little something here...

Tengah dok pikir-pikir the ideas that I can do with my embroidery machine and sewing, and got some rough ideas from googling, manage to finish off this throw pillow cover with embroidery motifs..

Random Spiral Types

The cover is of standard size which is 16" x 16"...  The front covers is lined with 1/4" batting. Since the motifs are random, so no 2 covers will have the same motifs, but if you wish, I'll try to make it to look as similar as it can...

So if you're interested, as usual, do email me or leave a comment below....

Love & Regards

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bag For Her BFF

Everytime Fasha brought a freshly handmade bag to school, few of her frinds were also interested to have one including her BFF... Knowing she couldn't 'afford' one (well out of her own pocket money), Fasha begged me to make one for her, and of course for free... And I jokingly said "Okay, I'll make one for her, but you must pay for it..." Surprisingly she said ok... Well of course la ok, coz at the end she will asked my money to pay for it....

Actually, I myself already had the intention to make a bag for her BFF as a 'Thank You' gesture for a long shirt she gave to Fasha as a souvenir from her family trip to Padang during the last school holidays..

Fasha just love it!!!
Finally, tarrraaaaa!!!!.... A mini messenger bag AKA sling bag, with her BFF's name on it...

Cute isn't it?
I wrapped it carefully and told her to give it to her BFF in discreet, not in front of everybody, otherwise, others would request for free too.... hehehhehe...

Love & Regards

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Bag That Lasted For Two Days

Exam 'season' means new bag for Fasha. This time her request was just a simple tote bag.

Embroidered with her name on it
Coming home after the first day with the bag, she said few of her friends admired it, including her BFF, but frustrated to know that they have to pay for it.. Bengkrap la mama kalau semua nak bagi free kat kawan kakak ooiii.....

Second day at school with the bag, just before she arrived home, her 'makcik' the transport driver, called me and informed me that her bag was stolen!!!... And 'funny' this is, only the bag was gone, but all the books and her stuff were left behind...

I don't really mind about the bag actually coz I can always make her another one, but I just wondering about the kid, 'brave' enough to steal at early age, what will he/she becomes when he/she grow up if the 'bad habits' is still there... Some said maybe the bag was so cute (is it?..hehhe) so the person couldn't resist, so he/she just took it... But somehow we have to teach our kids that they cannot take someone else's possession no matter how much they wanted it, it just not right... I do pray that the kid won't repeat it again and will grow up to be a good muslim...

So interested? Do let me know ok... It also great for your kids Quran class...

Love & Regards

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where have I been?

Assalamualaikum.... chakkk!!!!
    It's been sometimes since my last update... Berdebu berhabuk sana sini dah.... Where have I been and up to?..Hehehhe... Of course it seemed that most tailors were very busy with their 'tempahan' during last fasting month and Syawal, like I myself very busy as well...hahahha...

Axtually the main reason for my silence is this.....

Old 'broken' Card Reader
My card reader suddenly became 'illiterate' as it can no longer 'read' my SD card...huhuhuu... Therefore I can't upload any photoes.... So if no photoes, what's the point me updating in here....huhuhu

Been asking my 'other half' to buy a new one, but since it's not that important device for him, so my request just 'gone with the wind'.... And since yesterday, I got the chance to go out to nearby store by myself, so took a chance to hunt for a new one, so this is the replacement...

New Card Reader
Look almost the same, but in different color...hehehhe... So wait for my next entries.....

Love & Regards

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wavy Top Tote

Just finished with this new Wavy Top Tote, customer's order...

With Simple Embroidery

Size - Height 14"
Top Width 15"
Bottom Width 11"
Base 4"
~ Top zippered closure
~ Front pocket with magnetic button
~ Inside pocket with zippered closure

New orders are welcome

Love & Regards

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quran Cover

I made this Quran Cover for myself while testing to digitise Arabic font.... Love the outcome...

My Own Personalised Cover
So, what do you think? As usual, orders are welcome, a great gift to your kids as to encourage them to read Quran more frequently and also reward for yourself for coming Ramadhan...

Love & Regards

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personalised Boxy Pencil Case

A quick update... Personalised boxy pencil case... A great gift for your kids... The size can be customised to your needs so it can be cosmetic pouch or a pouch for your lappie's cable or whatever you wish to use it for...
For the 3Fs
Orders are welcome...

Love & Regards

Friday, May 18, 2012

Simple Messenger Bag

Semalam sempat siapkan Messenger Bag  ni.. Memang simpel, tanpa poket just with little embroidery motif. Sesuai sangat untuk dihadiahkan buat anak-anak utk dibawa ke kelas agama, kelas tuisyen dan jalan-jalan or even for laptop/netbook.

Size: 11" x  9" x 2"
Customised orders are also welcome. You can request your own size, add more compartments/pockets, personalised it with cute embroidery motifs and/or names, other embellishments and etc. The price will depends on the type of materials used, size, embellishments   and other extras. Great gift for your kids or friends or even YOURSELF, hehehhe :)...

Love & Regards

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flower Girls Dress

In addition of hectic week, was a wedding for my husband's niece. Since my 3Fs are among the 'little' ones in the family, so she asked them to become the flower girls and gave me the clothes for the dress.. I never sew any dress before let alone the kid dress so for 3Fs' dresses, it was a 'hentam sajalah'.... And the verdict is.....

Princess Line Dress with Embroidery motifs
With Other Flower Girls

Awaiting for the Groom
In Action
I think 'ok'lah for first timer, and the important thing is my hubby complimented on the dress (and adding "Lepas ni tak payah beli baju lagi dah, Mama boleh buat sendiri, lagi cantik..."...huhuhuhu, no more shopping la yea?.. But at least I can shop for more 'kain'...du'uh!!) and the girls also love the dress and whenever they wore it they'll imagine as they are a beautiful princess...hhahaha

Will try to sew few more for the girls and hopefully I can also take some orders as well...

Love & Regards

Monday, May 7, 2012

Last Week Projects

Last week quite hectic. Anyhow, Alhamdulillah I managed to sew 18 pieces of baby binders (barut), 4 cushions covers, and embroidered 40 pieces of face towels dan a bath towels for the newly wed..

14 pcs of Printed Barut
 Thanks to my beloved customer, Haniza, who ordered 4 pieces of printed barut before and asked to post them to her school...  It seemed that few of her friends also interested and ordered few more. I hope all of them are happy with the 'barut's made with love for their babies...

4 pcs of Plain barut
A Pair of Cushion Covers

Another Pair Also From IKEA's Materials
 Another customer, Laila, also ordered 4 pieces of pplain barut and these 2 pairs of cushion covers made from IKEA's fabric, with little embroidered wordings at the corner..

Embroidered Bath Towel
A gift present for my husband's niece.

Looking forward to another 'hectic' week...hehehhe...

Love & Regards

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Towels Available For Embroidering

Have any ideas what gifts for coming Mother's Day or even Teacher's Day?.. Not only that, how about for wedding, or engagement, even for aqiqah, door gifts or anything at all..

Below are towels available for embroidering. Available in few sizes.
Tea/Kitchen Towel 
~ Available in 4 colours; (maroon, blue, purple & green)
~ Size - 41cm x 69cm (16" x 27")
Hand Towel 
~ Available in 2 colours; (blue & green)
~ Size - 30cm x 53cm (12" x 21")
Face Towel
~ Available in 6 colours; (dark green, light green, blue, beige, pink & purple)
~ Size - 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12")
These towels are quality towels, made from 100% cotton and thus are soft . The colours are subject to stock availability. Bulk orders are also welcome.

The bath towels are also available, will update on the pics later...

Love & Regards

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sulam Tuala

Really miss to update my blog.. Not that I don't have any recent activity but a bit busy with other stuffs and also little one.
Anyhow, husband's niece wedding is around the corner, so he decided to 'sponsor' face towels for those who involve in 'rewang'. As for the embroidery parts, I can only sponsor 'half' of it... Anyhow we decided to make it in 2 different 'patterns' as below;

Mother's Day and Teacher's Day are around the corners, so if anyone of you want to order embroidered towels do let me know... We also have bath towels available...

Love & Regards

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sulam Baju

Sesambil menghilangkan boring disaat berpantang ni, saya pun cuba-cubalah praktis buat sulam kat baju... Since mesin sulam ni pakai main 'tekan2' butang jer, so idokler 'melanggar' sangat pantang larang nyer...kan...kan...kan?...hehehhehe

Seronok jugak coz menjadi, so lepas ni akan try praktis ngan another few design, sesambil makeover baju kurung yg dolu-dolu, bagi nampak cantik balik...hehehhe... Part menyulam tu rasanya ok lagi, tapi yg suspennya adalah tang yang nak sambung 'block' tu... sebab kalau silap skit jer, akan nampak kesan tak berapa nak betul kat sambung tu... so apalagi kena praktis lagi bebanyak.. (huhuhu habisla kain percaku ngan benang sulamku....).

Anyway, sapa tahu definasi 'Kerawang'? Bagi saya, apa-apa design 'border' yg boleh disulam di bawah baju atau hujung tangan tu saya panggil jer Kerawang.... Tapi ada yg bagitahu saya yang design di bawah bukan design Kerawang... Apapun asalkan boleh buat kat baju dah cukup bagus dah...heheheh

Jari Katak? 
Saya akan start ambil tempahan dalam masa yang terdekat untuk sulaman ni... Sekarang ni tengah prepare katalog supaya senang pelanggan nak pilih design mana yg diaorang nak...

Love & Regards

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pencil Pouch

I made these pencil pouches for my daughters earlier this year, but only had 'time' to upload it in here.. Tried to combine 2 different materials and these are the outcome..

Combination Felt & Heavy Cotton

Combination Denim & Heavy Cotton

Love & Regards

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Latest Edition..........

After some time of 'silent' moment, I would like to announce the latest addition in my family...

The 4th F
Name: Amierul Faris Syahiran
Born on 17 Feb 2012
Weight 2.7kg

Alhamdulillah after 3 beautiful princesses, Allah finally answered my prayer for a prince, and now I'm officially closed for further 'production'.....

Can't wait until my confinement is over so I can start sewing again... I hope mama's little boy will behave and give mama some space for sewing....

Love & Regards

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Sewing activities have been slowing down lately (actually I never been that active pun...hahahaha).. Eventhough there's so many ideas lingering in my mind, I have to put it aside first until early May I guess (DH already gave stern warning about sewing earlier than that) so am gonna miss my sewing machine sooo much... Luckily I have the embroidery machine, and DH won't mind that much if I want to 'start' earlier with it since it's only operating by the touch of buttons... So need to find a lot of embroidery only projects for that...

Anyhow, I managed to have a quick project with these....
Peanut Shape Burp Cloth
Some might be wondering what the heck are these.. Actually these are baby burp clothes. So you can burp your baby in styles...(Does anyone care really?..heheheh) I made in 3 options of design, and of course the embroidery part is optional.. You can always add your baby's name, initial or any simple cute embroidery design. And of course the prizes will be vary depends on which designs and add on embroidery. What's more, it also can be a great gift for your newborn or friends, relatives or just anyone...hehehhe...


Love & Regards

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Embroided Towels

Just done with my 3Fs towels... All excited and can't wait to use it...

Orders are welcome, charges are depends on the designs as well....
Love & Regards

Friday, January 27, 2012

Barut Lagi

Lately makin lemau nak update blog... dan lemau jugak nak mengupdate dlm BI...hahahha... so santai2 ajelah.... Just nak update latest barut ngan few design baru... and prices will depends on the fabric as they are not in the same price range...

Customer's Order - Velcro
Antara Design Baru

Love & Regards