Friday, December 9, 2011

Sling Bag From Recycled Jeans

After few days or is it few weeks or months (?), since the last time Fasha request for a sling bag, finally I managed to make one for her.... Made from her ayah's old jeans, embroidered with Ana Muslim design, her name and some decorative stitchings, really made her smile ear to ear...

Front & Back
Actually the Ana Muslim part shud be in front instead of at the back. At first when I told her I'm going to make her zippered closure, she was fine with it.... Until much later, well last night actually (well after some times of postponing) she then later said she wanted it with flap instead, together with question and remarks "Mama, lambat lagi yea nak siapkan sling bag kakak? Berapa lama lagi mama? Besok? Minggu depan? bulan depan? ke 2 bulan lagi? Takpelah mama, kakak tahu mama sibuk, kakak paham, nanti bila mama dah x sibuk mama bolehla siapkan kakak punya pulak, ok..? " ... Errrkkkk... I'm stunned... So promised to myself, gonna finished it up by next day (which is today)... So last night prepared everything, got to realise I won't be able to put Ana Muslim in front, and it won't fit to put it on flap, and since it was already 'late' I was lazy to embroider another smaller one, so I decided just to go on with it... Woke up early this morning, finished it up, handed it to her...

Love & Regards


  1. cantik... I'm looking for this kinda of sling bag for my 1 year ++ girl... how much is the price?

    1. Thanks Safiyah, the price very much depends on the size, fabric and extras (eg embroidery etc)...