Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby's Play Mat & Companion Pillow

It's been quite a while since my last update. This was due to several reasons... The first one is because my husband was using the netbook and he took my camera with him. The second main reason, I'm still 'practising' with my new machine.

After this I don't have to take turns with my husband to use the netbook since I just bought a new desktop, well at least for a while  (but maybe have to take turns with 3Fs...sigh)..

Anyway, this is my first ever baby play mat...Never did any quilting or any parts of quilting techniques before, so 'main hentam sajalah' esp the binding part... so I must say need lots, lots of practising..

The front, with 4 simple embroidery motifs

The backing...
Then there is a companion pillow...This is just the cover with the innard yet... It shud have separate cover and innard so it's easy for cleaning..

Sorry forget to turn the picture
Tell me what you think, and yes I do take orders for those....

Love & Regards

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  1. cantik dah tuh bieha... boleh ambik order dah nii and learn as you go..