Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Now I Know How To Make Telekung

I've been wanting to learn on how to sew a proper telekung.. I sewn 2 for my daughters before, based on the one I already had but when it came to the face part it didn't turn out the way I wanted.. And my daughters also claim a bit uncomfortable to wear...

Alhamdulillah, last Saturday, I managed to learn it together with my other friends. So this is the result
The Face Part 
The 'kekek' part you can actually put it on or under 'awning'.. But I guess if you're putting some lace on it it look better if 'kekek' part under the 'awning'.

Inner Part
For this telekung, I also 'attached' the inner part so it's not that 'see thru'. Actually the material provided is not really 'enough' for the whole telekung, but enough for us to learn how to make our own telekung.. At first, I wanted to add a few inches below the telekung to make it longer and enough to cover what's need to cover (heheheh) but when my eldest daughter saw it, she quickly claimed ownership... Need to alter the face part to fit hers and put some simple embroidery as well... So next step, to find good material for my own telekung...hehehhe

Love & Regards


  1. salam kak...Tyha ni...just jump dari blog Mila...;).Anyway...nice blog.

  2. wahhh.. korang gather2 buat telekung ni sama2 ker?

    jahitan keliling tudung tuh guna deco stitch or embroidery yer bieha? berbaloi2 ler awak beli mesin sulam, saya ni mcm malas bebenor nak menyulam, rasa mcm nak let go jer mesin tuh

  3. Tyha,
    Thanks... xdela nice sangat.. Mila punya lagi byk projek... Kekadang malas nak update pun iye...hehehhe

    Ha'ah, Alhamdulillah, kami dpt cukupkan org utk req mintak kelas... Seronok sb dpt bersama2 ngan those yg kita dah kenal eventhough from cyberworld...hehhe... jadik cam small gathering pun yea, kecoh jadinya...
    Yg jht keliling tu guna Deco stitches jer... Yang bahagian paling bawah tu ingat nak buat sulam... tapi lum sempat lagi...
    Saya rasa Mila pun byk project, sayang la kalau nak let go mesin tuh... Ssaya ni project banyak dlm kepala, tapi lum ada 'time' untuk merealisasikan lagi....

  4. Mila...hehehehehe.Keciknya dunia.Banyak ilmu dapat.Jumpa kak rose kat GMJ.Kalau nak let go mesin sulam bagitahu ye...;)