Friday, May 18, 2012

Simple Messenger Bag

Semalam sempat siapkan Messenger Bag  ni.. Memang simpel, tanpa poket just with little embroidery motif. Sesuai sangat untuk dihadiahkan buat anak-anak utk dibawa ke kelas agama, kelas tuisyen dan jalan-jalan or even for laptop/netbook.

Size: 11" x  9" x 2"
Customised orders are also welcome. You can request your own size, add more compartments/pockets, personalised it with cute embroidery motifs and/or names, other embellishments and etc. The price will depends on the type of materials used, size, embellishments   and other extras. Great gift for your kids or friends or even YOURSELF, hehehhe :)...

Love & Regards

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flower Girls Dress

In addition of hectic week, was a wedding for my husband's niece. Since my 3Fs are among the 'little' ones in the family, so she asked them to become the flower girls and gave me the clothes for the dress.. I never sew any dress before let alone the kid dress so for 3Fs' dresses, it was a 'hentam sajalah'.... And the verdict is.....

Princess Line Dress with Embroidery motifs
With Other Flower Girls

Awaiting for the Groom
In Action
I think 'ok'lah for first timer, and the important thing is my hubby complimented on the dress (and adding "Lepas ni tak payah beli baju lagi dah, Mama boleh buat sendiri, lagi cantik..."...huhuhuhu, no more shopping la yea?.. But at least I can shop for more 'kain'...du'uh!!) and the girls also love the dress and whenever they wore it they'll imagine as they are a beautiful princess...hhahaha

Will try to sew few more for the girls and hopefully I can also take some orders as well...

Love & Regards

Monday, May 7, 2012

Last Week Projects

Last week quite hectic. Anyhow, Alhamdulillah I managed to sew 18 pieces of baby binders (barut), 4 cushions covers, and embroidered 40 pieces of face towels dan a bath towels for the newly wed..

14 pcs of Printed Barut
 Thanks to my beloved customer, Haniza, who ordered 4 pieces of printed barut before and asked to post them to her school...  It seemed that few of her friends also interested and ordered few more. I hope all of them are happy with the 'barut's made with love for their babies...

4 pcs of Plain barut
A Pair of Cushion Covers

Another Pair Also From IKEA's Materials
 Another customer, Laila, also ordered 4 pieces of pplain barut and these 2 pairs of cushion covers made from IKEA's fabric, with little embroidered wordings at the corner..

Embroidered Bath Towel
A gift present for my husband's niece.

Looking forward to another 'hectic' week...hehehhe...

Love & Regards