Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Feeling Lucky, I'm a Winner to My First GA Entrance

Since yesterday evening, I just can't stop smiling... Why? Coz I'm the winner to Princess Closet GA... Her first GA, my first ever entry to GA... sooo happy...

These are what I've won...
Can't wait for it to arrive and can't wait to transform the free gift into something...hehhehe... Macam dah makin bersemangat lak nak masuk GA lain, esp those giving away free fabrics and other craft items...hehheeh...

Thinking of giving out my own GA... Emmm, kena pikir apa yg boleh digiveaway kan dulu...

Thanks again to Azidah from Princess Closet, hoping to hvae more GAs from u...hehehhe...

Love & Regards

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good News!!!! The Iron On Transfer Papers Are In Stock!!

Last week, I got an email from my previous iron on transfer paper supplier. He told me that the new transfer papers are ready now, and this time, he did take some initiatives to try it using normal dry iron and it worked wonders... So I took his words and got the paper and tested it out myself as well to double confirm it works fine... So below is the verdict...

Eh, sejak bila lak Dora tukar nama yek?
But then again, the results still depends on the printer resolution as well as the fabric your using.. Anyhow, isn't it great if you can print your own t'shirt for your kids, let them be 'Dora' instead, or any of Disney's princess, and the boys, move away Ben 10, here comes new superhero... Or just create anything and let your imagination runs wild...hehehhe...

If you want to know on how to go about it, learn it here. Interested to buy the paper? Then do not hesitate to let me know...

Love & Regards

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Alhamdulillah, after 5 days ber'kampung' at DSH, we are finally home!!!... Lesions are healing, but last night she couldn't sleep (so was I..) coz she felt itchy all over her body... Not really sure was it due to the 'hot' wheather (since in hosp it was fully aircond -I was freezing) and she's not on 'anti-itch' medication (hehehe) or due to other things. But towards the morning then she finally sleep peacefully (so was I, woke up at 7am, and only had less than 10min for my daughters to get ready for school).

Anyhow hoping things to get better each day... I have a lot of things lining up to do after 5 days off, esp household chores and definately SEWING!!!! Really missed my bengkel....

Before continue with the chores, let's have a look at the little patient....

First night, happily jumping on the bed while 'posing'
Boring kat bilik, so jalan2
Dapat belon terus stop nangis
Bila kena masuk ubat, tangan tutup muka, tapi mata dok jeling kat nurse
Tidur pun sempat peluk belon
Mama yg keboringan sempat ngak la buat ni
Tak sabar nak balik, tak gheti dok diam

Love & Regards

Friday, May 20, 2011


Salam ols...
Lama dah tak update blog ni... Actually right now I'm in DSH, my youngest daughter is admitted coz she got

Staphylococcus aureus infection. And it is quite bad. At first I thought it was eczema, eventhough it didn't really look like and eczema, but the 2 doctors I went to both of them said it was eczema until I went to DSH yesterday and was told it's actually bacteris infection.

I don't know how long I'm going to be here, but doctor told me at will be for at least 3 days until all the lesions are healed... But thank God that the little patient is as active as usual.....

Love & Regards

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My First GA entrance: Princess Closet

I never joined any GA before. Maybe because I'm not so sure on how to participate, and maybe because I'm not really a 'lucky' person...heheheh... But anyhow, this GA by Princess Closet, really caught my attention, so I guess there's no harm in trying it out, maybe this time I really got lucky and mind you, the prizes are really yummy and 'tickling my heart'...hehhehe...

Looking at the yummy fabrics, ...arrrgghhh, I want it all!!!, hehehhe...tamakla pulak!!... Can't really decide which one to choose, as all of them are gorgeous... But anyhow, I decided to have either these 2 fabrics as my choice, but I won't mind other fabrics too.

Blue Hearts
Pink Cotton Jersey
And I've been droolling over these books and extras gift...

Be Mine!! Be Mine!!
Loving these!!!
I'm not so sure what I'm going to transform the fabric into just yet, but one thing for sure, it will be something for my gorgeous girls.

My 3Fs; Fasha, Filza & Faiqa
So girls, please pray for Mama that I'll win these for you gals....

Love & Regards

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Printed Baby Binder (Barut)

Now we are in second week of May. Huh, how times fly really quickly... Felt like only few weeks ago my neighbour asked me to sew her some baby binder 'barut' for her unborn. At the time she told me that she's 4 months pregnant. And now she already in her third trimester... So yesterday, I had to put aside my current WIP, to give way to barut making... Since she's not sure the gender of her unborn, so white plain is ok.. But I guess this printed barut are also lovely.. Don't you think so to?

Still maintain the white background
And of course they are made from quality 100% cotton, not from the cheap cotton... BTW, the underneath is the comforter I made for my daughter 2 years back..

Anyone interested to order this printed barut or even the plain one, and the baby bedding, do let me know.

Love & Regards

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I was searching thru the internet the other day to look for an easy and yet fun project for the kids during upcoming school holidays... Then I came across this Quilling, a unique paper art craft..

Photo from internet
So I thought it seems easy enough and fun.. Although it needs some tools, but I tried to use other alternatives. And I did try myself this morning, and this is the outcome..

Some basic shapes
All self taught, not bad huh?...Since I have few multicolur papers available, so can do some of the experiments with those. Can't wait to have some good time with the kids, and see the outcome... But sewing is still my number 1 passion...

Love & Regards

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hujung Minggu Yang Penat Tapi Berbaloi!!!

Dah nak masuk hujung minggu yg lain baru nak post entry ni...hehhehe...

Apa yang korang buat hujung minggu hari tu? Balik kampung? Bercuti? Pesta Buku? or just 'lay parking' kat rumah? Hehehhe

What did I do last long weekend? Emm... On Saturday, went to my cousin's house for a little 'kenduri' and since my husband has other things to do, he asked me to go there by myself with the kids and my youngest sister... So I told him, if that so, after the kenduri, instead of going straight home, I'll be going to IKEA... Surprisingly he gave me the 'OK'... Well sebenarnya xdelah terkejut sgt, sb tahu, dia memang malas ak bawak saya ke sana, so since my little sister was with me tu yg dia bagi, so 'selamat'lah dia...

Then, apa lagi, sampai jer IKEA, dok pk mana nak letak my kids, coz tahu jelah diaorang ni, kalau pegi ke tempat yg bukan diaorang favour kejap je mula la buat perangai... So ingat nak letak je diaorang kat IKEA's Playland tu, tapi yg kecik tu x leh masuk coz she just 2, then yg kakak2 pulak, takut bergaduh lak ngan bebudak lain kat dlm tu... Then teringat lak kat kids section kat bhgn showroom IKEA tu ada tmpt utk 'main'... So lepaskan je diaorang kat situ sambil diawasi oelh adik, and off to DAISO...

Memula masuk, memang rambang mata tgk, but try as best as I can to focus ngan apa yg nak dibeli jer, iaitu kit butang bungkus... tapi bila pusing jer belakang, nampak lagi benda lain yg menraik perhation so apa lagi, just grab jelah terus... Bukan apa, yelah bukannya senang nak dapat pelepasan pegi sana... Setahun skali pun belum tentu...hehehhe

Lepas ke DAISO, sambung shopping kat IKEA laks... So 'borong' kain laks... huhuhuh... Tapi yg best jumpa pinking shears ngan harga yg murah, sb dok tanya kat kedai jahitan lain semuanya cecah RM100 huhuhuh...
Ni apa yg di beli kat IKEA

Then hari Ahad, spend time bawak anak2 g Pesta Buku laks... Beli 2 for myself, tu pun buku murah2 jer, tapi few books for the kids... tu pun sib baik ada makcik2 diaorang yg sponsorkan....hehhehe...
These are mine
Buku anak2 x sempat nak snap.... Tapi terkilan jugak x jenguk gerai Utusan, sb ada few more books about sewing there...hu'uh....xde rezeki.....
Love & Regards