Friday, January 27, 2012

Barut Lagi

Lately makin lemau nak update blog... dan lemau jugak nak mengupdate dlm BI...hahahha... so santai2 ajelah.... Just nak update latest barut ngan few design baru... and prices will depends on the fabric as they are not in the same price range...

Customer's Order - Velcro
Antara Design Baru

Love & Regards

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Organiser Pouch

Not sure when was my last update, not that I don't have any new projects, but ..... Is it because I'm growing 'bigger' or is it juat a 'MALAS' thingy?...hehheeh

Anyhow, just wanna show you my latest 'invention'.. (Invention la sgt...heheh).. Organiser Pouch requested from a friend of mine. Said she wanted a small organiser where it can hold 2 pens, thumbdrive, keys and few essentials, so I come out with this..
Inside & When Closed

Hope she likes it...fuhh...fuhhh...

Love & Regards