Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For Little Ones

Welcoming a new member in a family? Not sure what to bring as a gift? This cute personalised embroidered towel will make a perfect gift.
For A Little Girl

For A Little Boy
There's few other choices of font also cute design.... You have the options of using your own towels or from my collections....

Love & Regards


  1. Bieha.. awak jual tak emb design eks? kira mcmana yer?

    1. Saya x jual collection embroidery designs yg bukan saya digitised... Yg saya digitised sendiri so far utk own usage... Memang ada niat nak jual tapi belum sempat buat betul2 lagi... Nanti bila ada masa utk buat digitising saya akan war2 kan..hehehe

    2. ooo yang ni awak beli yer... kalau dah buat sendiri nanti jgn lupa saya ok ;)