Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bag For Her BFF

Everytime Fasha brought a freshly handmade bag to school, few of her frinds were also interested to have one including her BFF... Knowing she couldn't 'afford' one (well out of her own pocket money), Fasha begged me to make one for her, and of course for free... And I jokingly said "Okay, I'll make one for her, but you must pay for it..." Surprisingly she said ok... Well of course la ok, coz at the end she will asked my money to pay for it....

Actually, I myself already had the intention to make a bag for her BFF as a 'Thank You' gesture for a long shirt she gave to Fasha as a souvenir from her family trip to Padang during the last school holidays..

Fasha just love it!!!
Finally, tarrraaaaa!!!!.... A mini messenger bag AKA sling bag, with her BFF's name on it...

Cute isn't it?
I wrapped it carefully and told her to give it to her BFF in discreet, not in front of everybody, otherwise, others would request for free too.... hehehhehe...

Love & Regards

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