Friday, December 14, 2012

I See Spirals

Lately ni terasa malas sesangat nak update blog, once dah tinggal, memang camtu la... Lagi satu, actually banyak my entry dok tersimpan dalam draft, apa taknya buat separuh jalan, ada je things that coming up requires my attention, so bila dah bangun dari kerusi, dah malas dah nak sambung balik... Ok since the little F is still sleeping, and 3Fs in front of TV, so might as well update a little something here...

Tengah dok pikir-pikir the ideas that I can do with my embroidery machine and sewing, and got some rough ideas from googling, manage to finish off this throw pillow cover with embroidery motifs..

Random Spiral Types

The cover is of standard size which is 16" x 16"...  The front covers is lined with 1/4" batting. Since the motifs are random, so no 2 covers will have the same motifs, but if you wish, I'll try to make it to look as similar as it can...

So if you're interested, as usual, do email me or leave a comment below....

Love & Regards

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