Friday, May 18, 2012

Simple Messenger Bag

Semalam sempat siapkan Messenger Bag  ni.. Memang simpel, tanpa poket just with little embroidery motif. Sesuai sangat untuk dihadiahkan buat anak-anak utk dibawa ke kelas agama, kelas tuisyen dan jalan-jalan or even for laptop/netbook.

Size: 11" x  9" x 2"
Customised orders are also welcome. You can request your own size, add more compartments/pockets, personalised it with cute embroidery motifs and/or names, other embellishments and etc. The price will depends on the type of materials used, size, embellishments   and other extras. Great gift for your kids or friends or even YOURSELF, hehehhe :)...

Love & Regards

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