Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zippered Toaster Cover

Assalamualaikum sumer,
     It's been few days after my last posting. A bit 'buzy' after CNY....hehheheh... Anyway, I just finished with my latest creation, Zippered Toaster Cover.
     So before I babbling further, here's 'the look' of it.... Tadaaaaaaaaa!!!!


      Actually this is the experimental project. So bila menjadi tu excited la jugak eventhough my spirit nearly 'broken' when it came to attaching the zipper's slider, and attaching the 2 parts (above & bottom) together... But I'm glad I DID IT!!!! The material I used for this cover is cotton, but the inside is using the high quality waterproof material.

      Why the zippered cover instead of 'ordinary' cover? Well, the ordinary cover usually only covers the top and body parts, leaving the bottom parts 'exposed'. So meaning, you can cover your toaster from dirt, dust or even grease, but the 'creepy crawlies' ie roaches and lizards, still will be able to sneak inside your toaster and 'partying' inside and leave their 'marks' behind without you realizing it.. So the next morning, you open your toaster cover, and with great of confidence, put your slices of bread and toast them, together with those 'extras'.... yaikksssss!!!! That's why I came out with this idea, 'total coverage' for your toaster!!!...

     Like it?? Love it?? Would like to have one? I'm open for your order.... The price will depends on the materials chosed. I will be updating the new materials soon, including heavy cotton, and other types of cotton.

WARNING: Please ensure that your toaster is totally cool down before putting on the cover!!!


  1. salam bieha... its me Carrot kat WMC. salam singgah kat blog awak.. dah siap pon blog awak yer.. jom exchange blog list

  2. Hari tu saya pun dah singgah kat blog awak, tapi lum sempat tinggal jejak, lappie dah auto shut down... Cuba jejak balik kat 'thread' sinun dah kena delete...huhuhu... Anyway, saya dah letak link awak dlm blog saya... Really appreacite if u can put mine in yours too...TQ...heheh

  3. salam...kalau nak order toaster cover nie...bape price nye ya? tq

  4. Hi, I just found your blog. I'm interested in purchasing a zippered toaster cover. Also, instead of a waterproof lining, can you make it heatproof? How can I order one? Thanks.

  5. I am very interested in a waterproof toaster cover. How can I order one?