Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Those Curtain and Table Runner

Kali ni nak update my previous project, yang saya jahitkan untuk kawan. Langsir dan table runner. Actually 2 2 ni dah siap October last year, but because at the time, this blog does not exist yet, so cannot upload la in here... So jom cuci mata...

French Pleat
 Actually she gave me limited fabric, 1.5m with 60"wide. Memula dia tak tahu nak buat apa, then she asked me to make a curtain for her kitchen's window. So kain kiranya cukup2 jer..

The one side

The other side
Yang ni pulak table runner, also for the same owner. She will have 2 options either to use it the first side or the second side... This table runner supposed for her 6 seater dining table... At first, nak buat sampai hujung meja dan ada lebih skit so boleh letak tussel, but once again since the fabric given was also quite limited, so kalau nak potong pastu sambung2 nampak x cantik lak, so buat pendek skit tapi x leh letak tussel la...

Anyone interested? Okay, just let me know, Insyaallah I'll sew it for you....

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