Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Here!!!

Ever since I've won that GA, been so excited waiting for them to arrived...Almaklumla, x pernah menang b4 jakun la skit...hehhehe... And finally, they're here...

Memula tak sabar2 jugak nak bukak parcel tu... So bila dah bukak, simpan skit excitement tu, tgk kainnya, wah.. cun2... then the little gifts... And finally the mags, Burda's and Ottobre.... Gosh, am so excited about the mags.... Senyum jer manjang... DH dah curious... Memula jeling jer, apa taknya, mesti dok pk, "Apa2 ntah yg bini aku ni beli... sure mahal nyer..." Then I told him actually I got it for free and they came all the way from Netherlands....hehhehe... terkojut jugak dia, camana bini dia blh dapat free ni....ekekekek..

Let me share the inside of these mags with you guys....

Some of the designs they have for babies (and many more, mind you!!)
The instructions
And for teenagers
And of course 'The How To' parts
And of course including the 'ready' patterns for various sizes
All available patterns
And these from Burda's
Love that pants
The dress just gorgeous
Of course, the instructions, same like above
Ready patterns for all design including various sizes
Just choose which one or two or..all you want to make....

I can't wait to start this 'little' projects... But I still have some backlog that need to be done first.... huhuhu... Feel like putting everything aside, and throw myself into this project...hahha... no no, can't be selfish....

I really hope we have something like these here in Malaysia.. Wonder if I can get these mag any bookstore here, maybe Kinokuniya?.. I bet the price must be something to consider too...

Love & Regards


  1. wow.. rajinnye snap pictures... mmg seronok kan?? tapi saya tak berani lagi nak buat dress cam dalam mag. tu.. baju melayu pun terkedek2 lagi... tapi mmg excited... sampai rasa sayang pulak nak potong kain2 tu..

    so,plan nak buat apa ye?? nanti share ya....

  2. Suspense tak dapat berita you dah terima ke belum! Buat jangan tak buat, nanti share ok. I dah buat 2 sets from ottobre tu, check my blog Kay

  3. bieha.... mana nak beli mag ni ya.... puas saya cari kat mph/popular tapi takde

  4. niza, mags tu saya x beli, tapi saya dpt kerana menang GA dari Princess Closet tuh... Cuba awak tanya dia kalau dia blh tolong belikan... Hari tu dia kata blh jer... Dia kat Netherland...Kalau x silap end of this year dia balik..