Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY - Fabric Button Brooch

Ok, today I'm going to show you how to turn the fabric button into brooch... Some of you might know how to do it already, but it's ok, I still want to share it with you....heheheheh

First of all I want to show you the different outcomes of these fabric buttons from using the press machine or done manually/using tool kit. Blue Button (BB) was by press machine while Red Button (RB) was done by manual kit.
Front view, notice BB is flattened

Can you see the 'grip' effect on BB?
When using the press machine, the button is nicely attached while if you're using manually it won't fit nicely and you have to use stronghold glue to help the bottom hold to it's cap. Anyhow, either way don't let it stop you from making the masterpiece of your own.....heheheh..

Ok now, let's go to the tutorial.. It simply straight forward, so if you have any question please do not hesitate to let me know, ok....
Plastic bottom
 The good thing that this bottom cap is made from plastic is because you can have the shank removed if you don't want it.

Remove the shank
 Please ensure you use both hands while removing the shank... I didn't have cameraperson available so had to pose with one hand....hehhehehe

After the removal of the shank
 Trim any sharp and unneccessary edges.

Putting the glue
 You can use any stronghold glue or hot glue and put it on the pin brooch cap. If you're using the hot glue, be careful that the brooch cap might get hot.

Attached firmly
 Attached it to the fabric button and press firmly and you're done.. Clean off any glue residue..


Front View
Pretty easy yeah? Excited to try it on but don't know where to find the fabric button? Don't worry, I'll be coming out with ready to use fabric buttons soon, so stay tune....

Love & Regards


  1. Bieha.. thanks for the tute... tak terfikir plak boleh jadi brooch (tak pernah buat brooch pon sebenarnya hehe)

  2. Saya pun dulu pernah buat brooch yg guna swarovski tu jer... tapi malas la lambat sb nak kena ketat betul2 baru cantik... Bila buat fabric button tu teringat ada lagi pin brooch tu, tgk ngam2 ngan bottom cap tu, tu yg terus buat tu...

    Ok tak tute tu, senang nak paham kan?