Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fabric Flower and Fabric Button

Just a short entry. Today I'm going to show you the kanzashi flower I made last night. This is a fabric flower with fabric button. It was my first trial, so there's few more rooms for improvement...hehhehe... Anyway, the first lesson I've learnt was to choose the correct type of fabric. I think it's best to use medium to heavy fabric (not too heavy though - heavy cotton shud do), or felt, as long as not too 'soft' otherwise, the flower won't turn out that nice... The other option is either to 'starch' the fabric first or by using interfacing if you want to use the lighter fabric. So enjoy 'washing your eyes' (cuci mata...) hehehhehe...

Ignore the irregularities...hehhehe
By the way, I also wanted to show you the hair clip I made last weekend.
Errkk... since when does this tree have flowers?

Love & Regards


  1. cam menarik je kak bie...tutorial pleaseeeeeeeee....hihi

  2. cantik kan?...hehehhe...walaupun buat x brp kemas, tapi kalau buat betul2 memang cantik hasilnya... nak tunggu akak buat tutorial, x sure jaman bila siapnya, kena tunggu angin R datang... Anyway, don't despair, wani blh refer kat tutorial ni, great one too...