Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Barut, Bedung & Bedding

I haven't updated anything on my projects since some times already, not that I didn't have any, but a bit buzy with other things as well as busy with the orders for barut, bedung and baby bedding... So below are few for the customers... (Actually there's more, but since they are all using the same patterns so I figured no use if I upload all of them....hehhehe)

These are the materials for printed barut.

Colourful Love

Butterflies & Little Cars

And these are when they are turned into barut
Plain and Printed Barut, in Standard and Large Size
Printed flannel & plain cotton bedung
Big Size Printed Flannel & Plain Bedung

Baby's bedding
From Lightweight Cotton Material

The fabrics for printed flannel and baby's bedding were chosen by myself and am so glad that the customers love them...

Want to order some? Feel free to contact me.. See ya...

Love & Regards

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