Monday, May 9, 2011

New Printed Baby Binder (Barut)

Now we are in second week of May. Huh, how times fly really quickly... Felt like only few weeks ago my neighbour asked me to sew her some baby binder 'barut' for her unborn. At the time she told me that she's 4 months pregnant. And now she already in her third trimester... So yesterday, I had to put aside my current WIP, to give way to barut making... Since she's not sure the gender of her unborn, so white plain is ok.. But I guess this printed barut are also lovely.. Don't you think so to?

Still maintain the white background
And of course they are made from quality 100% cotton, not from the cheap cotton... BTW, the underneath is the comforter I made for my daughter 2 years back..

Anyone interested to order this printed barut or even the plain one, and the baby bedding, do let me know.

Love & Regards

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