Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Alhamdulillah, after 5 days ber'kampung' at DSH, we are finally home!!!... Lesions are healing, but last night she couldn't sleep (so was I..) coz she felt itchy all over her body... Not really sure was it due to the 'hot' wheather (since in hosp it was fully aircond -I was freezing) and she's not on 'anti-itch' medication (hehehe) or due to other things. But towards the morning then she finally sleep peacefully (so was I, woke up at 7am, and only had less than 10min for my daughters to get ready for school).

Anyhow hoping things to get better each day... I have a lot of things lining up to do after 5 days off, esp household chores and definately SEWING!!!! Really missed my bengkel....

Before continue with the chores, let's have a look at the little patient....

First night, happily jumping on the bed while 'posing'
Boring kat bilik, so jalan2
Dapat belon terus stop nangis
Bila kena masuk ubat, tangan tutup muka, tapi mata dok jeling kat nurse
Tidur pun sempat peluk belon
Mama yg keboringan sempat ngak la buat ni
Tak sabar nak balik, tak gheti dok diam

Love & Regards

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  1. Bieha.. take a rest yer.. hopefully the lil princess get well soon