Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Handphone Wallet- The Upgraded Version

I guess this is the first entry for this year.. Dah laamaa sangat tnggal dunia blogging ni. tetiba rasa rindu laks...kekekeke

Anyway, saja nak citer... Bulan Ramadhan hari tu terpk nak buat simple pouch utk duit raya, even ada yg share camana nak buat, punyalah bersemanagat nak buat jugak, tapi xder rezeki sebab, abah kat kg jatuh sakit. So abang balik kg, jemput abah datang ke sini, dan berkampungla kami kat KPJ kajang for few days b4 dia berkampung kat my house.. So banyak kerja2 jahit (banyaklah sangat) yg tertunggak.. Nasib baik baju raya siap jahit...

Since dah lepas raya kan, so mood nak jahit pouch utk duit raya tu nak hilang la, tiba2 teringat nak buatkan wallet utk hp ni... teringat la my first hp wallet yg pernah buat 6 tahun yg lepas... Tak sanggup eden nak letak sini, buruk giler rasanya, so kalau terasa nak tgk jugak, korang klik jelah kat link tu...Tapi apapun itulah kenangan pahit manis dan pelbagai rasa yg saya ada, One of my first products diawal pembabitan dalam bidang handmades... Takde specific pattern pakai main hentam kromo jer.... Sadly, until recently baru tergerak hati nak redo balik, sebabnya seriau skit tag ketebalan esp kat card slots... Tapi tulah ramai benau rakan-rakan handmades yg membakar hati dan perasaan dengan menunjukkan gmbr2 products mereka dan tak lupa utk memberi semangat, then slowly cuba jugak buat balik satu.

Memang slowly betul la progressnya, and finally berjaya jugak menghasilkan prototype the upgraded version, tapi still ada 1 2 tempat yg nak kena betulkan, but overall puas hati la jugak.. Again still no specific pattern, pakai main agak-agak jer sesambil mengaplikasikan sedikit ilmu yg ada.

And finally...tadaaaaa....

 Xde la cun sangat, tapi at least beter then the last one la...kan..kan..kan

Insyaallah will make the readystock soon and please pray with me that I'll come out with more soon..

Thanks all kerana sudi membaca.... Muah ciket.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Love Those Personalised Tags

Hi, I'm back!!! Now with personalised tags/keychains. You can customise to your own simple wording (spaces and characters are limited though)

Below are few examples of the tags...

 2 sizes are available..However you can req to customised your own size, but price may be vary..

Love & Regards

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gifts For the Little One

Your best friend just delivered a bundle of joy, or your sister, or whoever that is special to you, and even yourself, and you wanted to give the present that you won't normally found n the gift shop and is it can be personalised to the one who's receiving the gifts?

Below some of the examples of the handmade and personalised gift for the lil one.

Minky Dot & Cotton Blanket


Set of Pillow and Towel

BUT, it just not all... You can also come out with for your own ideas, and I'll try my level best to meet your expectation and beyond, Insyaallah.

Love & Regards

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Handmade Label?

All the while, I just sell the iron on heat transfer papers. Then later, some of my customers requested for me to make the labels for them, as some they don't know how to go about it and some they don't have enough time to do it themselves. But since I myself have some limitations especially in terms of time and proper equipment, I only managed to help them out up to designing (simple one) and printing. Cutting and ironing part, they still have to do it themselves. Alhamdulillah they are happy with it.

So below are some of the examples of the labels I made for my customers. Some for their product labels, and some for their kids cloth labels.

For Labelling Kids Clothing In Boarding Schools

Also For The Kids

Product Labels

For Baby & Clothing Products
Orders are still welcomed, but as I mentioned earlier, it will only up to printing, until I managed to get the proper equipment. Blank papers also are still available.

For orders, kindly leave me your email address at below comment, or you can also What'sApp/Telegram me at 0133949203. No phone calls please.

Love & Regards

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cute Diaper Stacker

At times I love to challenge myself, taking orders from customers for things I never done before.

Diaper stacker was in my To Do list for quite sometime, but I didn't seem to find a time to actually do it, until my customer asked me whether I can make one for her baby. Jumped at every opportunity, I just said yes, without having a clue on how to do it.... 

Thanks to the technology, I surfed the internet looking for a tutorial, found some but as usual, to make it a little different from others, I combined few steps, and add some of my own ideas.


My First Diaper Stacker
So here it is, it might look similar to others, but there's a few features I added to it.
The Inside
It's fully lined in the inside, and with HIDDEN hard based, so the stacker has sturdier based, and it is REMOVABLE too for easy cleaning.

Buttoned Strap & Attractive Personalisation
With buttoned strap so you can either hang it over the hook, or attach it to the cot. Not to mention attractive embroidery personalisation.

The size of this diaper stacker is 22"H x 12"W x 6"D. However, if you have different measurement in mind, Insyaallah we will be able to cater for that as well.

Orders are absolutely welcomed, so drop me an email or simply leave your message below with your contact details...

Have a great school holidays ahead..

Love & Regards

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Day For Family Gathering

It was a while since the last Family Day, from my husband's clan, if not mistaken, the last one was in 2008. Alhamdulillah, it went smoothly and everybody had a gud time.

And this year, I managed to 'sponsor' last minute items as lucky gift draws. It might not be much, but I'm glad that I 'made' them myself even though there is 'little' error there on the dates, where it supposed to be on 14 Mar instead of 15 Mar.

Towels With Mini Keepsake Wordings

We had quite few activities with lots of presents especially for the kids. SO who's the lucky ones?

Presents For Lucky Draws

Presents For The Games
Games for adults and kids, musical chairs, coloring contest, Kenali Khazanah Alam, tug war, eating competition and many more. Well the kids seemed not getting enough activities.

Well, the most important things, everbody enjoyed the day, so what is the gift for next year's family gathering? We'll see..

Anyhow, at the meantime, of course, I accepted any orders. Please What'sApp or Telegram me at 0133949203.

Love & Regards

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rezeki Itu Milik Allah

It was almost a year since my last entry... Bercintanya nak update blog, di samping dgn kekangan masa dan gadget 'limitations'.. Okay blame everything but myself...

Ok kali ni nak cerita sikit pasal rezeki yg Allah beri dr sumber yg tak beapa nak jangka... Walapun sikit, tapi Alhamdulillah, nikmat Allah yg manakah yg patut saya dustai?

Started with my handmade iron on labels for my own products, dan sedikit tutorial on how to go about it, ramai jugak yg tanya mana nak dapatkan stock iron on heat transfer paper tu. So kesian pulak to those yg tak tahu mana nak carik, so I started selling it,  Alhamdulillah sambutan not bad, dan tak sangka I've been selling these papers for almost 5 years now...

Back then, strictly blank papers... I encouraged customers to design and print on their own. But of late ni, few yg start suruh saya designkan dan printkan utk diaorang.. at first, I refused coz am afraid not meeting their expectation besides my pc's limitation (almaklumlah pc dah uzur, so asyik hang jelah, while the netbook dah totally kaput) not to mention my time limitations....  Tapi mungkin ini lah salah satu sumber rezeki Allah nak bagi,, Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak fulfilled few customers request dan by far, mereka berpuas hati dgn hasilnya, syukur.

For now, only simple design and printing. BUT cutting and ironing part is still a BIG NO NO for now, since I dun have the 'tools' yet that can help me to expadite the process.

Image result for heat transfer machine for t shirts
Kalau ada rezeki dapat ni pun best jugak nih...

 Eh nak tukar bidang ker?.. Hehehe... sewing and embroidering are still my number 1...

Love & Regards