Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Bengkel's Makeover

Below are the photoes of my 'bengkel' after the makeovers... Sorry I don't have the 'Before' photoes, to compare, because..... hurmmm..never mind... but believe me, you don't want to see them....hehehhehe.. The room is about 8' x 9', but I have quite a lot of things in there. So that's why I decided that it's time for a makeover...

Some of the items on my new rack
 I bought this rack sometimes in May, only last 2 weeks my husband had the time to assemble it. With this I can save a lot part of ' floor' especially for the bulky items... Actually there are another 2 level of the racks not showing in this photo, the lowest level for another 2 big boxes and the top level is for something else.

Tiny teeny items in the container
 Before this I used to keep the glass containers especially from spaghetti sauce, even though had no chance of using them. Then when we're moving house, I had no choice but to discard them. Now I regretted it, because now I know just how to make use of those containers. Since they're no longer available, I had to buy all those containers...huhuuuh, what a waste, but anyhow, still satisfied with the outcome..

Zippers, elastics and curtain hooks neatly tuck in bigger container
The bigger round containers are for bigger items. Kena sorok skit kat belakang...hehehheh

My stashes of fabrics, each level has 2 rows front and back
Are they a lot? But I still can't stop myself from buying more...huhuhuhu

My multipurpose table, notice anything that shouldn't be in sewing room?
 Actually the whole makeovers are not really done yet. I'm thinking of buying a corkboard to put all the notes, so my wall is clean, then I can hang it together with the whiteboard. But anyhow, did you notice anything that should be in the kitchen instead?....
Apart from my lovely daugthers 3Fs, introducing my 3Ss
 These 3 are also my heart and soul.. Nicely 'bertudung'... Well wait until I start my sewing activity again, then I won't even know where the covers are coz most all the time they will be 'naked'...opppsss...
My collection of threads and bobbin 
I made  this special place for the threads and bobbins my self, using scraps.. Oh the only things I bought is the bamboo skewers.. (Takkan nak pakai 'used skewers' lak kan...)

Honestly, I don't know how long it's going to stay this neat, hehehhe... So what do you think?... Any suggestion to improve it?

Love & Regards


  1. Xdelah luas sgt pun wani, just 8' x 9' jer... tu yg kena beli rack cream tu, so save la ruang lantai.. b4 this memang hardly blh 'sorong' kaki kat dlm bilik tu.. Iron board pun kena letak kat luar... Bilik rumah lama luas la skit, so bila masuk sini buntu nak susun camna... But still banyak lagi barang kat bwh meja tu, cuma x tunjuk jer...hehehhehe... Kalau jadi buat rumah sendiri nanti memang dah ckp ngan DH nak bilik yg besar ala2 showroom gitu....ekekekek

  2. Owh nak try gak la wat tmpat letak benang ngan asal jahit je melilau cari bobbin dan benang hehe ^ ^

  3. Bagus la Bieha ada bilek khas utk kraf :)

  4. K Zai, memang terpaksa ada bilik khas, sb kalau tak bersepah nanti jarum sana sini... tu pun selalu kena 'tegur' kat hubby, penuh jarum kat lantai bilik tuh...huhuh... lagipun barang agak byk... dulu masa ada mesin portable jer memang jahit kat master bedroom jer, anak pun sorang kecik lagi masa tu, tapi x best ah time kita nak menjahit, husband tidur, cam mengganggu dia tidur so once beli mesin highspeed, tu transform satu bilik jadik bengkel tuh..

  5. wahh bestnyer ada bilik jahit sendiri.. kemas jerr

  6. Bestlah idea containers tu, nak tiru gaklah. kadang2 bilik jahit ni takleh selalu berkemas, nanti ada yang cari barang tak jumpa.

  7. Mila, heheh...tu kemas kejap jer tuh, nanti sepah balik bila sibuk menjahit....

    nai, heheh... blh jer nak ceduk mana2 idea yg dirasakan seswai... nanti share la gimana rupa bilik jahit awak tu....