Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Wetbags

Ish dah lama rasanya tak update blog. Apa taknya, hubby dah balik dari OST, so it's his turned to conquer the lappie...Hu'uh.... So in the planning into buying a new desktop, but has yet to be approved...

Anyway, 'lama' menyepi tu sempat jugakla menyiapkan few wetbags.

To those mommies who're CDing their little one, when you're outside, how do you 'store' the soiled CD? I guess most of you will do this...

Plastic Bag!!!! Arrgghhh...
Am I right? Sorry mommies.... Besides the hideous look, it's also not environmentally friendly. So why not change to more pleasent one like wetbags? With prints that looks pleasant, more practical, reusable and also environmentally friendly. The interior is made from waterproof material, and zippered to keep the unpleasant odour inside.

Zippered Closure with Cute Prints Outside & Waterproof Layer Inside
This wetbag not only suitable for CD, but also suitable for CP, or even for your swimsuits and towel. At this point of time, I have come out with 2 sizes, - Small (6" x 7.5") that can fit 1-2 CDs, and Medium (8" x 8.5") that can fit up to 4-5 CDs. All come with a wrislet handle so it's easier to carry it around.
ABC - Small 

The Blue Pooh - Small
For medium size, it actually can also fit kids swimsuit, up to medium size swimsuits. (Actually it also depends on your swimsuits pattern as well, mine perfectly can fit into it)

I'll be having it in extra small size which more suitable for CP, in larger size and also extra large so you can put your swimsuit and towel inside. Please, no more plastic bags.....hehehehe

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